Monday, November 23, 2009

Tila Tequila and her live Ustream Meltdown

Tila Tequila and her live Ustream Meltdown

She reminds me of that girl at the party that gets a little too drunk and starts stripping down to her panties and making a complete ass of herself. She's the one that ruins a party because it is more sad than alluring.

Usually when someone goes bat-crap crazy it is behind closed doors. But, Internet/Reality show hack Tila Tequila had her nervous breakdown live on her Ustream Channel. Thousands got to see her sitting around naked and spouting out illogical nonsense (instead of logical nonsense).

Keep in mind, Tila usually sluts it up on her Ustream channel by first talking to her audience and then going into a striptease on air. She never really shows any nudity per say, but this was a little different. While she was naked, she went off on her (possible D-Bag) ex-boyfriend NFL Shawne Merriman. (I think MC saw my reaction to one of her PG-13 strip shows this year.)

You can check out a portion of her naked meltdown here. It is rather amusing and sad to watch, but it is not safe for work in the least bit. The clip doesn't have that much nudity in it though. But, her rants are somewhat confusing too.

Hightlights of the 16-minute video...

~She claims her ex-boyfriend was sleeping with minors. Did this happen while you were dating him, Tila? Is she confusing him for Roman Polanski?

~Her best line: “He don't even like black girls. He don't even support black people. He don't represent his people. He only dates white girls and Asian girls.” Is this the reverse race card? I'm confused. So does the glove fit?

~She seems to have a conversation with her own ass in the clip, which is strange.

BTW, here is a PG-13 portion of her meltdown.

Basically, we’re finally seeing the wheels fall off after a long time of barely keeping it together. I always felt there was something wrong with Miss Tequila. Listening to Loveline for about tens years seems to have made me aware of spotting damaged goods. And, Tila Tequila shows a lot of signs of past abuse.

Even she claims She had flashbacks to her “abuse” by Shawne Merriman. While I believe there is abuse somewhere in the mix, there seems to be a certain touch of “Hey, look at me, look at me!” The fake boobs, the stupid reality show, and her breakdown seemed to be well-constructed scheme to keep her in the news. While I think her breakdown was real, I do believe she made sure the camera was rolling to spot it all.


MC said...

Something of interest regarding the person in question.

Semaj said...

That was very interesting and disturbing at the same time. Interestingly enough, I learned where Burma was located while looking at her strip. Too bad professors can't do this in real life, all good looking female ones.

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