Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ari Shaffir vs. Damienne Merlina

Ari Shaffir vs. Damienne Merlina
Well, I am really torn about this story. Basically, Ari did a stand up gig on Comedy Central and mentioned Marlina by name and proceeded to attack her really badly on the special. This video was her response. I actually feel for her and you can tell it really hurt her.
However, we're trending on dangerous water when we're talking about banning the special because someone's feelings were hurt. Comedy should be all sort of things from rude/crude/silly to light humor. Everyone gets attacked in comedy. I don't like Andrew Dice Clay, but I am not going to call for his banning.
But, Ari went a bit too far with the bit, because he mentioned her by name and seemed to make it personal. He should have just made it a generic person just to get the point across. It just seems a bit vindictive to me. While I hate that we throw the word “bullying” around too much, she does have a point in this case. He did use her full name. This was clearly sour gapes on his part and he had an axe to grind. Say horrible stuff all you want in a comedy retinue, but when stating a real person's name, that is just a bit too far for even me
I just think you can still get the point across without the name of the person.
Marc Marion had this to say about the issue via twitter (sigh) and I agree with him.  ((You have the freedom to say whatever you want. Some of it might not be necessary though. You decide.))

Side Note: Ari and Howard Stern had a bit feud. Stern is in the wrong in this case. I shouldn't say this, but traditional radio is dead.  

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