Friday, March 13, 2015

Inside Star Trek: The Real Story (Season 3) thoughts

Because I've been feeling like total shit, I am almost done reading Inside Trek book that I started rereading last year. This is the third season with the space hippies.
Here are a few more thoughts.
-Gene Roddenberry checks out: At the beginning of season three, Gene pretty much checked out of the series he fought and busted his ass for. I think he grew tired of the battles with the Network and the studio. He left his big office and moved to a smaller one on the other side of the studio. While Justman felt he should have gotten the Producer title because all of his work, he had to share it with a new producer.
-Making of Star Trek: The writer had to share the “written by” with Gene as part of the arrangement. He also had to share 50/50 with Gene despite Gene not writing and researching the book. Ouch. Again, Gene didn't own ST, so he underhandedly got his money from the show anyway he could. The book was a huge hit, and Gene got 50/50, just like the musical rights to the ST theme song.
-They got the newer (fitting) uniforms late in season two, but were connected to the season 3. Shatner and others hated the early uniforms because they kept shrinking.
-Shatner started to gain weight early on in the third season and it showed. Justman and Gene were worried about how the weight would show on the camera. However, Shatner took a look at some dailies and understood. He lost the weight for the most part, but he does still look heavier in the last batch of episodes. 
 -Save Star Trek: The show was saved for a second time due to a letter writing campaign. Fans fought so hard for the show, yet Gene immediately pulled. This always bothered me, because he used his fans as weapons and then would leave them behind. He used the fan again a few times after he was demoted by Paramount against Bennett in the Trek movies.
-The show was promised a new/bigger budget: However, they actually cut the budget even more and the show really suffered. Without Gene or a budget, the show's quality really went down. However, there were new models made for the show. Not too many location shoots and more tight shots and scenes on the Enterprise.
-Fred Freiberger was brought in as the creative Producer with Justman sharing the Co-Producer title. Many at the time and today blame him for the problems of the third season. He pissed off many of the cast. He even brought in a non-actor/friend to play a major part in And the Children Shall Lead . Lawyer Melvin Belli played the part in one of the worst episodes of TOS. Fred had tried to defend his position for years, but the scripts do speak for themselves. Justman left midway through the season. Almost all of Gene's creative were gone.
-Shatner/Nimoy feud came to a head during the third season. Gene, Fred, Justman, Nimoy, and Shatner had a major meeting. They wanted to know who was the star of the series. Fred asked Gene, Gene not really into Trek anymore had an answer, “Shatner is the star”.: I think this was the final straw in the relationship between Gene and Nimoy. I think Gene should have never answered the question. 

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