Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
I agree it really bad to hear them say this shit. And, why would you even sing this song give everything ends up on the Internet? If I pooped my pants, I'd end up on the Internet. On some level, you have to know that it will end up on the Web.
I don't think the school should kick out the students from the school, but the fraternity has every right to do what they please to the offending parties. Let them stay in school, because this opens up a can of worms. What happens when someone from the school is recorded saying the n-word and they're black?
Yes, these fraternities are a-holes. I've encountered some bullshit myself. However, when you have to pay for friends, these are the type of people you get. Racism is still around and it is rather sad people still have this hang up. It takes a lot of time to hate someone for their race or religion and that's something I don't have.
Yes, black community, we should be outraged. We should equally outraged when a thug attacks a good person in our community or robs one of us blind. We tend to unify against racism and bigotry, but remain quiet for things that happen within our poorer communities. We have to create hashtags and signs for those sort of things too.
Why are does Justin Bieber keep his job?

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