Monday, March 02, 2015

10 Years of Blogging: Some Thoughts (Part 2 of 3)

In ten years there have been many ups and downs, many milestones. A lot of things can change in ten years including me and even my writing style. I have a lot of memories with this blog, some I am proud of and some I am not. But, it is still part of past which makes me who I am. Anyway, let's get through some of them.
-Post about my dog passing away: Being an animal lover, my dog dying hit me very hard. I wrote about years ago. I felt it was a touching moment and blog post. I still feel her loss today, and I haven't fully recovered from her death. I just can't bring myself to get another dog.
-My early readers: Nothing pleased me more than to see people reading my blog. While I wasn't that great, I was happy to know people liked my early stuff.
-The Writer From TNG commenting on a review: I wrote a review to Yesterday's Enterprise and the person that (Eric A. Stillwell ) left a comment on my review. That was one of those early crowning moments. Today, I would have written a better review. That was a great moment.
-The Yellow Ranger leaving a comment. I wrote a post about an ad and she left a comment. I was glad I said nice things about her and wasn't mean.
-Referenced in Know Your Meme: I was linked to a post about William Shatner's ego meme. The post was about Wil Wheaton and his encounter with Shatner. That story always stayed with me. I also got a shout out on Buzzfeed and I love these shout outs.
-My piece on my writer mentor/teacher: After his death, I wrote a piece honoring him. I put a lot of heart into it. I got some major feedback from him family. His son and other family members contacted me and told me they loved my post. I even received an interview from the Indiana University Newspaper. I think I said some remarkable things in that phone interview. I can't seem to find anything on it though. I think they named some building after him.
-Jesse Camp diss: I love the fact that Jesse himself took the time to come to my little shitty blog and attack me for attacking him. I hated him when he was on MTV and I hate him even more for stumbling onto my blog. Why? The best part is he posed as his “second cousin” when he shat out his comment. Thanks for the entertainment, Jesse.
-Cheerleader Scandal: That sort of thing is an everyday thing today, but back in the early days of blogging, it was a total shock. The fact it happened in my hometown and in my university was also interesting. I wrote a post that received a lot of hits in the thousands upon thousands. While I was a little bit too mean and judgmental, I still can't understand why women would pose for nude photos and not expect them to get out. Someone will always leak them. If you're hot and I am dating you, I don't need nude photos to remind me. Don't worry, I will remember your naked body.
Anyway, so what happened to the nude cheerleader? Well, she got married recently and seems to be very happy. She's often overlooked today due to the hundreds of women and men with leaked photos and videos. Fappening is an overdose of that. The Cheerleader Scandal now seems a bit old fashion.
-My blog causing a lawsuit: Let's just say there was a crimimal case and a lawsuit grew out of that case against some companies. I did some digging and found out that my post was recorded in the KY Supreme court years ago. Certain former bosses of mine were called to witness in the case and they were not too happy with my blog being used in the courtroom. Keep in mind that this had nothing to do with the criminal case. Anyway, the lawsuit was thrown out because the state has rules against what they were trying to sue for. It is a law that protects companies from saying anything at all about former employees.
-Murder case thingy: I won't get into it because there could be more fall out from it. But it does connect to the company lawsuit. However, I never thought I'd be into so much legal mumbo jumbo.
-Famous Radio DJ contacted me: I really attacked a famous radio DJ from LA a lot of years back. It was very personal and mean. However, it was the way I felt about him and his job on a popular syndicated radio show. He replaced a guy I really loved listening to for about ten years. The show had changed with this new DJ and they producers really wanted to push everything that reminded the us of the old host out. On the blog, I probably hit below the belt attacking his wife's past work, plus I kicked him when he was down. He left the show under some pressure. Well, years later, he actually contacted me. I did some digging and found out he was legit. I got to talking to him via e-mail and came to think of him as good guy. I deleted the post.

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