Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Cobbler bombs (Sandler)

Adam Sandler had a movie that didn't get released in theaters...kind of
The movie was supposed to be a country wide release, but the studio releasing the movie decided to pull it back and make it an On Demand release. It was only released in 20ish theaters and making only $24,000  . Damn. I guess the studio knew that even the hardcore Sandler fans weren't interested.
Right now, RT has the movie at 7% and that is pretty bad for even Sandler's standards. Jack and Jill scored lower. But his movies hover around 10-40%. Sandler's Grown Up 2 is tied though.
At first, I thought it was a Sandler movie where he'd try to turn in a good performance, but it looks like it a just another bad movie.
So, the movie is about a cobbler having the power to take on the identity of whomever when he puts on their shoes.  There is a magic shoe making machine involved too.  
Oh, and get ready for Sandler to invade video games with a movie about 8-bit games invading Earth.

It is time to take some time off, Adam.  

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