Thursday, March 12, 2015

Random Stuff

 Random Stuff
~Get over another damn cold/fever: I woke up in a sweat yesterday and my muscles hurt all over. I could barely move while at work. I took a cocktail of various cold medications and sleep things and I came out feeling much better today.  I am dog-sitting too, so that's a plus. 
~The guy named Rocks: In my old work area, we had this dude that had a bunch of missing teeth and was right out of the trailer park literally. He was strange guy that wouldn't show up for days on end without notification. He was creepy guy. We called him Rocks because he looked like he chewed rocks because of his missing teeth.
~Ferguson PD Chief Resigns: Thank goodness this happened. It seems the entire PD is corrupt with some f'ed things going on behind the scenes. The officers truly hate black people and the racism comes through clean cut. The leaked e-mails clearly show that there is a culture of bigotry and racism in the PD. I also hate the fact that the entire local government fined and ticketed black and poor people more than any group. Somewhere the PD forgot they get paid by us the taxpayers. I hate this crap. So, here's hoping the Chief works for some shitty security firm. There needs to be some major changes within the black community in Ferguson and in the government.
~Kelly Clarkson weight: Okay, she's gain a bit of weight from her From Justin to Kelly days, but that doesn't mean she isn't still talented. Actually, she is the one to come out of American Idol and made a career being a real singer. People seem to like her music a lot and I actually like her personally and her take on fame. I also like that she HAS distanced herself from AI. There is a lot of talk of fat shaming and fat calling. Being a guy that did have a major weight problem years ago, I can see that people treat me differently now that I've loss weight. I am not bragging, but women do treat you differently when you're not a chub-chub. I can see that. However, it is much different for women. They get it from women more so than even men. She can do whatever she wants. Now, about that From Justin to Kelly...

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