Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Millions Ways to Die in the West

A Millions Ways to Die in the West
 After Ted, I really wanted to like this western comedy. After reading and watching the reviews coming in, I knew there something really wrong with this movie. It became clear that the comedy is dull and underwhelming. After witnessing the movie firsthand, I agree with most of the criticisms aimed toward it.
Seth MacFarlane is a rancher/sheep herder that is major coward. He also hates being in the wild west and in a town where people die in random fashions. He loses his girlfriend and meets up with an outsider in the form of Charlize Theron. Theron teaches him how to be a hero...kind of.
It's time for another western comedy in the likes of Blazing Saddles, but this is not that movie. To be fair there are a few good jokes and cameos that energize this dull movie. There are two cameos that put a smile on my face and they both are references to better western movies. (Stay after the first set of end credits)
The script needed better jokes and an overall story. And, I wanted this movie to work too. There's just not much here to laugh at, where as the Blazing Sadles is full of jokes that work.
-Amanda Seyfried's big eyes: Okay, that is a funny joke. And, it is a nicely paid off.
-Charlize Theron : She's great as the mystery woman that teaches the “hero” how to shoot a gun. Theron is trying here, but there isn't that much for her do because of the weak script. I needed more from her.
-Liam Neeson : Completely wasted. He's the main bad guy and he's barely in the movie. And, I did catch the Star Trek II reference with the one black glove. Liam, I wanted to see more of you other than your ass. Yes, we get to see Neeson's butt. That's not what I wanted.
-Doc Brown cameo: They should have never given away that cameo in the TV ads, because it is one of the few nice moments in the movie.
Like the rest of the movie, the ending just sort of happens and the movie sort of stops. A Million Ways to Die in the West is a movie that had potential, but never quite gets there due to the poor script. Here's hoping Ted 2 is better.  There are some funny moments, but they're only moments.  
Grade: D+

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