Friday, March 13, 2015

Madison Swan/Mia Malkova: Not so Mother's Day

I’ve written about some messed up things in my time as a blogger, but this story might just top the cake.  And, I mean really.  If you are offended by porn and the porn industry, don’t read this blog.  However, this might be one of the strangest and creepiest things I’ve seen and read about. 
It just seems so wrong...
A few days ago, I stumbled across an Amateur Allure (porn) video.  AA is a polished porn site that features a lot of POV shots and newcomers in the industry.  Also, there is MILF/step daughter (pretending) porn thing out there and it’s very popular.  Even AA has a few of these “fake” mother/step-daughter teams.  It is a very popular Genre in the industry.  However, this one is different. 
AA had a video claiming that a fledging pornstar Madison Swan/Mia Malkova did a Pre-Audition video with her mother tagging along…her real mother.  Mia/Madison shows up for her “audition”, which means you show your body and do some actual things and her mother stays and watches. 
Mia had her mom bring her to the shoot, and they both enter the producer’s home.  Mia told her mom that it was a modeling shoot, but she later finds out it is something a bit more adult.  It kind of seems fake at first, but something seems real as the video goes on.  Her mother seems to have a bit of a freak out and the camera is shutoff at first.  We come back and it gets creepier and creepier.  Her mother watches the entire oral sex scene from start to finish. 
This might be the most awkward thing ever.

Mia would go on to confirm the video was real and that was her mother, whom sat through the entire SCENE. She even mentioned on her Twitter page that her mother got a 100 bucks for being an extra. And, she added a “lol”. What the f? So, she confirmed it and reddit and a few other places did as well. And, I did some digging, which I won't post here and it all seems 100% legit.
Now, you might have to do some digging, but the video is out there to watch.
Either her mother is the most easygoing mother EVER or the creepiest. Really? I couldn't flirt with a girl in front of my mom, let alone do an oral sex scene. However, the mother does seem to be very liberal with her outlook even toward her daughter, but why stay in the same room during the scene?
It is so wrong to see this happen. Mia seems to be a little bit too into the situation and truly enjoys herself! WTF?
Here's the PG rundown from another blogger and here's NSFW rundown. I'd love to hear what Mia thinks of this now in 2015. I can't lie though, I am a little freaked out.  This is not something you put in a family album some 20 years later. 
Update small one: 


DaithiOMathghamhna said...

Better sleuthing skills. Never trust what a pornstar says, most of it's b.s. publicity. That is not her mom. Here is a Photo of her, mom and Mia's husband, pornstar Danny Mountain. Obviously different person than in the vid.

Semaj said...

I will do an update this weekend or monday. I will post your findings and give you my two cents.

Anonymous said...

What did you find out Semaj?

Semaj said...

I'm going to do some more digging in a few days, Got a few reviews to write out and other things. And, will do a follow up. some time this week. Darth might have a point, but I still remember a facebook profile with said Mother with pictures of her with Mia and her "mother" what looked to be sisters. I could be wrong, and those posts are now gone.

Plus, we know porn loves to like about things, like College Fuck Fest and Bangbros

Rico Carlos said...
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Anonymous said...

and the black sluts are any better? And whats with all that Japanese and south American puke porn.

Unknown said...

She has now been blacked 2 times

Semaj said...

Well, she certainly has the body for it. I've seen her first scene, but (butt) not her second one.

thepenetrator86 said...

Would love to nut on that pretty face, watched a few of Mia Malkova's scenes at She is well fit man!

Semaj said...

Great body, nice smile and a cute face, yes she is amazing. She is in my top ten currently.

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