Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jim Sterling receives a false DMCA (Skate Man)

Jim Sterling receives a false DMCA (Skate Man)
Yeah, this is total bullshit. This pisses me off when a copyright holder decides they don't like what you have to say. Sterling is a reviewer so he has every right to rant or rave about any product that gets put out there for public consumption. If a VG review site wrote a re review for a game, the dev/publisher doesn't have a right take down that review. Yet, we keep hearing about VG devs hand out copyright strikes to people that rag on their games.
If you want to really piss off most gamers, this is the way to do. Digpex Games, you are in a world of shit. And, I hope no one buys your game Skate Man.
I might not agree with everything that Sterling has to say, but this is completely wrong and an abuse of copyright claims. They're shielding criticism under the guise of copyright. The fact the dev is threatening him with court appearances I want to see this company fail completely now.
Now, I want to see his video on the game.

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