Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Years of Blogging: Some Thoughts (Part 3 of 3)

It is extremely difficult to maintain a blog, even back then it was too. I've seen some really good bloggers, most of the way better than I, hanging up their blogging boots. It is disheartening to see.
It is much harder to keep up with one because not micro-blogging IE Twitter makes it easier to for people to read stuff in small tiny size bites with stupid hashtags. I do believe this is the reason blogging and bloggers have thinned out over the past three years.
I just can't get with reading someone's opinion in 140 characters. I want to read their full thoughts in a blog and shouting who's right or wrong in a number of hashtags and activists tweets. Let's dig deeper into issues with getting back to blogging and websites. I think we've lost something special in blogging with Twitter, and I wish we'd get it back.
However, I know that's not going to happen, because Twitter is such a strong and additive tool.
As the blog has progressed, I kind of see it as a place where I share what I like/discover/criticize. I shared a lot things and I've pissed off some people here and there. I did some things I wasn't proud of and things I am proud of being a part off too. That's part of the journey and I think the blog is probably the most revealing aspect of my life. While I share the same voice as in real life, the blog is a bit more revealing about my life than I share with other people.
That's kind of strange.
I can look back say that was an interesting journey. So, what is in store for this blog coming up? I don't know. Stay tuned
Thanks for reading my shit. I'll keep writing. 
Ten years...Does this mean my training wheels can come off?   

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