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That Fan Made Power Rangers movie...

That Fan Made Power Rangers movie...
Now, if the new movie/series of Power Rangers was this short movie, I'd be into watching it. Yes, it's dark and violent, but it has a pretty good story attached to it. They even deal with PR lore too with Rita Repulsa and the Machine Empire.
The people behind the American version of PR didn't like what they saw and placed a copyright strike against the makers of this fan film. Keep in mind that Saban is making a new movie and they probably got a little jealous with the quality. However, they were probably more unhappy with the adult content.
Well, Saban Entertainment and the makers of this video came to an agreement. From Deadline, ((Kahn told Deadline tonight: “They put these disclaimers on so kids so don’t confuse our super-violent film with their Power Rangers brand. There are no hard feelings. We signed contracts. We can play it anywhere we want on all platforms. I think they realized that people just want to see it.” ))
Well, that's good. This is just free press for Saban anyway, and I am glad they came to an agreement.
While Saban and the makers are pleased, Jason David Frank (Tommy) isn't really thrilled with the movie. From (("I'm just a PG-13 guy," Frank said. "The cuss words, the drugs, all this other stuff, it doesn't fly with me." ))
Okay, whatever.
Amy Jo Johnson on the other hand loved it had only nice things to say about the movie. From her twitter, ((cheers @kateesackhoff YOU rocked Kimberly... well so we thought ;-) Awesome/sexy JOB!! You make me want to be her! ))
((Okay @adishankarbrand & @vanderjames that was pretty amazing. Certainly not for kids! BUT satisfying. ))
-BTW, there is a NSFW version on Vimeo. With more boobs and gore. However, the YT version is violent enough.
-So, Bulk and Skull are asshole rednecks. They take a different turn in the real series.
-James Van Der Beek can act. People give this man a series.
-Joseph Kahn directed this short. He comes from music videos. There are a lot of directors that come from that field into action movies.
-The Black Ranger became a hired hand for the bad guys, and he is a Billy Blanks type of guy doing a Tae Bo video series. Plus, he's into hookers (groupies?).
-They turned Rocky into a villain/turncoat. That seems a little strange, because I would have made Justin, annoying little kid, a bad guy instead.
-IMDB claims that Bree Olson and Amia Miley played two characters in the short. However, I am not sure they're in the movie. They're both adult actresses. Are they the two women in bed?
-Rita is played by the original American version actress, Carla Pérez: That's pretty neat.
-Will Yun Lee: He's the General. You will remember him from the final season of True Blood as the country-speaking Texas Japanese guy. 

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