Saturday, March 21, 2015

Brain Tyler's Iron Man 3 theme

Brain Tyler's Iron Man 3 theme
One of the weaker aspects of the Marvel movies are that theit hero themes aren't as strong as the DC movies themes. That's always been a problem for these movies. It seems odd because there are some good composers in that stable of movies. However, Brian Tyler has a very strong theme for Iron Man 3. It uses metal clanking on metal to give it that industrial sound and the theme is very powerful.
I also like the end titles version of the theme (Can You Dig It)
It is clearly in the same style as the 60s themes. And, I love how its edited with the 80's style end titles in the movie. Very cool.


MC said...

I think the best score work Marvel has ever commissioned was the work of Henry Jackman for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While the original movie's soundtrack had this very retro/patriotic theming, The Winter Soldier score was very dark sounding with electronic elements and it just felt big and epic (with "The Smithsonian" feeling like a callback to the first film). I think it was a perfect match for the movie.

Semaj said...

Interesting enough, Jackman's action cues in CA2 are very similar to cues in Tyler's scores in Fast and Furious movies. I've grown to really like CA2's score because it is a hybrid of CA1's patrotic score, but also the fast moving strings of the modern action movies. It shows continuity with the older movie, which is something I have a problem with the Marvel movie's music, there seems to not be much connective tissue in the scores. CA1 and 2 however are different.

I am actually listening to the score at this moment, because you mentioned it.

It kind of has a MGS style to it.

Actually, it's really starting to grow on me as I listen to the tracks right now.

It has a retro Zimmer sound with the electronic drums and under-sounds. Zimmer really doesn't even do that anymore.

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