Sunday, March 29, 2015

MØ - Walk This Way

MØ - Walk This Way
At the gym I go to, they play this music video all the time. I started to listen to it and I started to dig the song. As I listened to it on spotify, I noted the musical references to pop songs from the 80s. While MØ says her influences are the 90s, I think most of her music sounds more 80s than 90s. Anyway, I like pipes on this Danish singer. She has some talent and the song is catchy. Check out the rest of her music on YouTube. 
  For me, I find her attractive. I know some don't, but I have a rather wide range of taste in women. 
  -Watch the red-headed girl on the left when they line up to dance. She really gets into the dance more so than any of the other girls. I always laugh at this. I am wondering if the director did this on purpose. Camera seems to focus on her at the end of the video.
-MO's hairstyle is very strange in certain shots. How did they do that?
-MO's goofy dance moves are kind of funny.

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