Tuesday, March 10, 2015

People that passed away in Trek movies 2-4

Did you know that most of the cast from Star Trek's 2-4 is has passed away. It's kind of sad really.
Leonard Nimoy : He just recently passed away.
DeForest Kelley : He passed away a while ago.
James Doohan : Yeah, I met him at a convention. He's probably one of the nicest soft spoken guys out there. 
  Bibi Besch : Carol Marcus. She passed away in 96. She was really upset that she was written out of STIII and STIV. She later admitted she cried when she saw ST3 and understood why she was written out. She loved her role on Trek. She died from breast cancer. 

Merritt Butrick : David. He died from of AIDS right after his appearance on a first season episode of TNG. 
Paul Winfield : Great character actor. He also appeared on TNG in one of the best episodes ever.
Ricardo Montalban : He passes a few years back.
Jack B. Sowards : Writer.
Mark Lenard : Spock's father. Went on to play the character in TNG.

 Phillip R. Allen : He played Captain Esteban on the USS Grissom . I remembered him being very cautious and a bit of a wimp with his pink chairs on the ship. I am not making that up.
Jane Wyatt : Spock's mother.
Brock Peters : Cartwright and also played a huge part on DS9.
Robert Ellenstein : The Fed President.
Leonard Rosenman : Composer for IV

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