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Police Academy 2 poster..

Police Academy 2 poster...
I've been on a Police Academy kick of late. I just watched the first movie last night, and listened to a commentary last week. I can't count how many times I've watched these movies over the years. And, the first film actually holds up fairly well. There are a few homophobic things that are bothersome, such as the use of the F' word, but this was the 80s. I kind of like how they handled the race stuff though by making the racist characters stupid.
Anyway, to the poster. 
 I went to the trivia section of PA2 and came across this little gem. From IMDB, ((Despite the fact that no such character exists in the movie, a blonde policewoman appears on the official poster. This was an inside joke made by the producers, as they had also requested that a "sexy girl" be included on the first film's poster. ))
 Uh, who are you? 
Yes, there is a sexy blond woman on the left from Mahoney. She has NOTHING to do with movie at all, but is promptly included on the poster as if she's a main character. (And, she is drawn without a bra to boot.) Now, the returning cast felt like their characters were push aside in the second movie, I can only imagine their anger over the poster. This is clearly the 80s because of the need to thrown in sexy ladies into the poster so people are reminded of all those sex comedies.
I've noticed that every Police Academy has a busty woman on the cover.
I love Drew Sruzan's work on movie posters, but I don't really like this one that much. The man is a legend, but this poster seems a bit off. Steve Guttenberg's head seems really tiny and his hat is really big. Plus, he looks more like that ugly kid on the Mad Magazine covers than Guttenberg. (Was this on purpose?
PA3's cover is better and Leslie Easterbrook fills in (out) the role in the poster as the sexy busty woman in the posters. For future posters, she would be that woman onward. 
I'd take Leslie Easterbrook over a fake poster lady any day.  


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