Monday, March 30, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
~I am a bum with no job?: My uncle asked me the most strange question. He asked me how long I've worked at my current job. He asked me because his close friend Shannon was convinced that I didn't have a job and never really worked. Uh, I've worked at one company for 18+ years and worked at another place for five years. I've been working since I was legal age to work. My uncle told me she views men in a bad light and is convinced all men are bad or bums. I'm not angry, but amused that she thinks I don't work considering I generally hate every minute I'm at my job. Supposedly, she had some really bad times with grown men and view them all as being evil or lazy. Hey, I am lazy but I still have a job. 
 ~That Indiana anti-gay law: Man, this pisses me off to no end. This religious freedom law is a major setback to gay rights everywhere. I just find it disburbing that a bussiness can now turn away people based on if they're gay or not. I also am a little upset that there wasn't more outcry from people more worried about a cover on DC comics than a freaking state actually making a law against a section of people. Certain segments of twitter-verse needed to put more focus on this issue where is a basically a law that supports harassment and is very much like the Jim Crow laws. Let's stop with the hashtags against boobs and comic book covers and work against something really happening. It's only a matter of time before Kentucky passes something similar. This is a very bad law, folks. 
 ~Bill Cosby, it is time to take some time off: Stop touring. With nearly 40 women calling you out about rape and drugging, that's too many voices to discount. There is clearly a pattern here. And, it is a very bad pattern. Also, there is something really wrong about how his wife is a part of this story. Anyway, it is troubling that Cosby was a hero of mine growing up. Actually, most educated black people saw Cosby the person that promoted black people to bring themselves up and to get into college. Cosby was sort of that voice for us suburban blacks and called out the ratchet nature that has plagued our inter-city areas. Now, he's a really bad person. F' you, Bill.
~Speaking of bums, I was pulling into a Kroger store in the east end of Louisville. I saw no one in the parking lot. I gather a bunch of change I had in my car in order to get a drink. Right as I stepped out of the car, boom a homeless drunk came out of nowhere and started to bother me for money (dollars). I was shocked and upset, because you don't see too many homeless people in the east Louisville. I was also caught off guard because he came out of nowhere. It is like homeless people have some bum-magic that makes them invisible until they want you to see them. I've been caught off-guard so many times that I should be use to it. I wasn't going to give him my dollars, but I gave him the change I collected in my car that barely made up a dollar I'm sure.
Looking disappointed, he said, “God bless you.” He clasped the collection to his ashy hands.
I didn't say anything back because I wanted him away from me. I can't stand people getting close to me. And, homeless seem to really get in your face.
~BTW, when you type in "bum" into Google Images with the filters off, you get a lot of pictures of women's...butts (and guys butts and junk) instead of homeless people.  That might be a nice turn of events for you.  
My type of "bum"...


MC said...

I'm going to say this. Based on the people I follow on Twitter, they have been VERY vocal about what is going on in Indiana and pro-active about it in terms of advocacy against that law both online and irl... it has been like that for weeks.

That cover however wasn't that huge of an issue with them all things considered (they talked about it a little bit since the controversy)

What they did talk about was how a particular group rallied around that cover and shouted censorship as loud as they could about it... and that I actually saw. They spammed pornographic variations at "SJWs" and made burner Twitter accounts with the original cover as avatars.

They kept stoking the fire on the issue.

Semaj said...

You and I see things on different sides, but I think we’re on the same page as far as being against Indiana thing.

For me, it is a wake up call for all people that want to bring change and progressive ideas to the forefront and not to be side-line with comic book covers and or the boob-day thing and follow and watch what the far right is doing right down. This law in Indiana is the new Jim Crow law where people can refuse to serve gay people and not receive punishment. This is one of the worst laws I’ve seen in long time. (We’ve seen actual violence enacted on gays via the anti-gay environment in Russia.)

For me, because DC comics actually got rid of the cover shows there was a lot of heat against the cover. I also think the people you’re following are probably more focused on real issues.

For me, this is actual real anti-gay law that could have really bad things growing out it.

It’s probably the way I feel about Freaguson. We talk about the issue of cops killing black males, which is very wrong, but we don’t look into issues of the welfare, drugs, bad parenting and black on black crimes. Let’s focus on all the problems pertaining to the black community and not just “white man bringing us down” thing. I feel the same way with the SWJ/twitter thingy.

We have a highly organized far right alliance that wants nothing more than to discriminate against another group. I just feel the left needs to stop with these smaller battles and start organizing just as much as the anti-gay movement. Let’s worry about these things less about “jazz hands” . Does it matter when to use personal pronouns when you have groups wanting to take away your rights?

You have groups out there that want nothing more than to wipe certain groups off the face of the Earth and it is starting to sound very familiar to the civil rights movement and the unstable nature of the South.

It just seems a bit more fractured now than the days of the civil rights movement. Civil rights moment was focused on certain things and it combined various groups together for change. Today, you’re less likely to see a Muslim black leader and Baptist leader working together. Things were dire and they had to work together and stay focused on the bigger prize.

Right now, I just applied for a part time job in Indiana. It would be a temp-job, but it would pay well. I’m really considering not taking that job or even interviewing for it, despite the nice money coming in. I am really leaning on not taking the job because this is wrong. It’s going to hurt me a lot, but I need to take a stand.

And, I know we’re going to see this sort of thing happen in KY too.

MC said...

The right-wing's strategy is to try to sow division between people who deep down are allies.

They play some small thing up and use that one thing as the entire basis of a caricature of that person, and then use that caricature to try to say, "don't listen to what this person says", or paint them as crazy.

Or they go to one group, claim another group under the same umbrella did something and try to make them fight so they don't ally together. They manufacture divisions, and use labels to try to get people to have antagonism against each other (card-carrying member of the ACLU, liberal, feminist, SJW)

No one really unironically self-identifies as a SJW BTW.

But the kind of people who would mention their displeasure about a comic cover, or which pronoun they are referred to by are generally also the same people who talk about things like Ferguson, Indiana, income inequality etc the most as well... they are the people who want everyone to know about what is happening and the ones who are actively trying to change things.

You and I both know a person can care about a lot of different things and trying to minimize someone's opposition to a huge thing by citing their opposition to something which is seemingly small (and remember, the right will rally for the small stuff too).

The fact that I bitch about remakes or DRM schemes doesn't make my opinions about Ferguson, Indiana or any other subject less relevant. Just because you and I care about things outside these huge systemic, societal issues doesn't diminish our informed decisions and opposition to and about them.

All of us together are a very broad alliance against many things. There are a few smaller issues which we may find ourselves opposed, but in general, as a group, we all oppose and fight against the same things.

MC said...

"You and I both know a person can care about a lot of different things and trying to minimize someone's opposition to a huge thing by citing their opposition to something which is seemingly small is counterproductive and just what the right wants (and remember, the right will rally for the small stuff too to maintain the appearance of unity). "

Semaj said...

I gerneally take a more personal look into this because I watched what happened to the civil rights movement when they met their goals and switched and spittered into a more misguided group. Attack any outside influences that come as us, but don't solve the internal problems. And, call any black person that does bring attantion to these urban problems a sell out.

For me, I just know that the far right is going to punch holes in the left and egg on the more extreme nature of certain groups and then go “See, see, they don't have your best interest in heart.” I watch Fox News a lot while at the gym because it is on one of 20 RV there and I can see how manipulative they are. I haven't watched how they're going to spin

And, yeah, I can see your point on the whole SJW identify thingy.

From my experiences, I generally don't see the same people that talk pronouns and comic book covers (man spreading) as the same people that are active against Indiana/Russia or other things. However, that might because I loathe twitter and tumblr, so I generally don't go to those things unless it hits my blog sphere of influence. Like the Pew Die Pie craze, I can't seem to understand this sort of activism than say other forms of media and the internet. Maybe I am just getting the extreme side of tumblr/twitter activism.

((The fact that I bitch about remakes or DRM schemes doesn't make my opinions about Ferguson, Indiana or any other subject less relevant. Just because you and I care about things outside these huge systemic, societal issues doesn't diminish our informed decisions and opposition to and about them. ))

But, when you talk about with remakes and DRM stuff doesn't fall under the “SJW” sphere of making a change and fightin the good fight against injustice. That's a subject you feel passionate about, but it doesn't take away from your thoughts about the bigger picture. My thing when talking about injustice and sexism and anti-gay stuff, know which battles to fight. Indiana/Russia/ISIS is a big one and need to be discussed, man spreading and checking privileges isn't. I can talk about boobs or pornstars on this blog, but I want to deal with the bigger problems that are destroying the black or gay communities (gay community as strong outside forces attacking it and black has self destructing forces)

Then again, I am not active in anyway on Twitter, so I probably don't know how those things work. I generally spend my time on Podcast/blogs/YT.

It came to a boiling point for me when people wanted to talk about Ferguson, but not some of the other problems in the community that have a more damaging

I like stated before, I agree with you 75% on your post above, but for me this is a big one and needed more attention than most, and probably for me this literally happened in my backyard. Heck, I spemd a lot of time in Southern IN due to biking. ANd, I am going to have to make some decisions reguarding that area because it is one of the best places to bike (Do I still bike over there but not buy anything?)

This is a good discussion. Sadly, I almost never have this type of discussion at work because most people at work (blue collar) know fuck all about anything we talk about here, which is a shame. They're the ones that are the most effected by this stuff. When I talk about Ferguson, I get blank stares.

MC said...

It was nice to see the governor of Arkansas look at what is happening in the news about Indiana and see that it was political poison.

While what is going on in Indiana is exceptionally unfortunate... the backlash and the horrifying publicity may be acting as deterrence for other states trying to enact similarly draconian laws. (I've recently read that Indiana's law was developed to be almost bulletproof in civil court after similar laws were challenged in Arizona).

The thing that I keep thinking of right now are all those laws that were passed during the Bush era re: the defense of marriage to try to prevent gay people from getting married.

When you look at the long term outcome of that... well, there are now 37 states where it is legal and it has been overturned in 8 states where the statute where those rulings are now being appealed (including your state). Given history, it is more than likely that most of those overturned laws will remain as such and it will be a literal handful of states that ban it.

I don't think the Indiana law is going to stand up to a legal fight in the long run.

Not to mention organizations like the NCAA (which is headquartered in Indiana) and the Big Ten are also now applying pressure to the state to change the law with the threat of pulling events from the state, events that are worth millions upon millions of dollars, not to mention also the implicit threat that they could leave the state for another which has laws which do not discriminate.

I think things are going to get a little bleaker though before what happened with same-sex marriage happens with laws like this which is very troubling... but again the backlash for this law and the national conversation is important and may serve to help a wider variety of people in the future.

It is a shitty law... but one which will likely not stand for long historically.

Semaj said...

I just saw the video about the Ark governor and his remarks. He's right there is a bit of a generational gap and things will change.

I believe we will see more and more openness to gay marriage and so on, but the hatred for gay people and rights is very strong within states like mine (Louisville excluded, and KY would love to get rid of us)

This would have given bigots the right to turn away people on religious beliefs (would that also include race? Remember how Mormons viewed non whites)

This to me is a big one because it reminds me of the shit that happened in the South (Louisville was also a segregated city in my parents time) The stories I heard from my grandmother still scare me today and it was support by laws like the RF law. (What about those extremist people that own businesses? oh boy)

We see how these laws get twisted (IE Russia) and we see actual violence against gay people. I could very well see this happenning in IN.

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