Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Banana peel attack on Dave Chappelle

From, ((A man has been arrested for allegedly throwing a banana peel at Dave Chappelle. ))
It almost seems like an April Fools joke. However, it happened on Monday. That means he ate the banana and stuck the peel in his pocket just in case he needed to throw it. It's a poor man's version of throwing rotting fruit.
Dave Chappelle was making fun of his friend and he got “offended”. From Daily Mail, ((According to TMZ, the man thought Chappelle's quips were racist, so he decided to throw the peel, which he had in his pocket after consuming a banana and washing it down with a shot of the alcoholic beverage 99 Bananas at a convenience store before the show. ))
So, you thought his jokes were racist, so you throw a banana at a black man. In what world does any of that make sense? You're entitled to be offended, but not disrupt a show that people paid for. They didn't come to see you. And, didn't you pay to see Chappelle?
I've never understood why people tend to throw and attack comedians they don't agree with. If you hate what he has to say, demand your money back and leave.
Make sure you check out the guy's mugshot. It is priceless. 
“Well, shit”

That is an expression of someone realizing they just f'ed up and did something very wrong. I also love the strange hairstyle and the uni-brow .  I'm not making fun of him.  I am jealous because I barely have eyebrows (I'm like Whoopi in that regard).  The man has more hair on his face than I could grow everywhere on my body.  

He's like a hipster wolfman. 

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