Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Sapp of Sh#%

 Warren Sapp having a freakout
Man, I wish I could feel sorry for him, but I don't. How stupid do you have to be to buy sex when you're on TV. I've never understood the reasoning behind famous people paying for sex from hookers. I'm sure there are some groupies willing to give it up. Plus, Sapp is in some major money problems and throwing away 600 dollars seems rather stupid.
While I think prostitution should be legal, (think of all the tax money the GOV could collect), but when you admit to paying for sex straight up, the cops have to arrest you. (BTW, my word processor suggested “whoredom” when I highlighted it.)
And, I actually believe the two escorts in this story too. Sapp has a history of beating up people Chris Brown style. Keep in mind though the two “escort” have a history of scams and fraud too.

So, yeah, this a-hole lost his mind and attacked them. Sapp would later lose his job, the one thing keeping him afloat money-wise, because he wanted some tail. Was it worth it? And, was it worth it for these two women?

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