Sunday, April 12, 2015

About that Spider-Man movie/Marvel thing (Spider-Man in High school)

About that Spider-Man movie/Marvel thing (Spider-Man in High school)
From, ((The new reboot of "Spider-Man" is set to focus on Peter Parker as a high school superhero and not on his successor in the comics Miles Morales, or anyone else who has donned the Spider-Man mask over the years. ))
Having Marvel and Sony work together is a smart move.  We also know that Marvel and FOX don’t really get along with Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises.  It is good to see something positive to come out of the Sony leak. 
And. I am happy that it is Peter Park instead of the Ultimate version, because that covers a lot of groundwork if you bring in Miles Morales to play Spider-man.  Plus, Sony/Marvel is going with another reboot of Spider-Man.  That’s the only problem with this whole deal.  Why not keep going with what you had and just course correct?  We already had a reboot. And, this first reboot has its problems, but still had some good stuff in there too.
However, it looks like Marvel really wanted the reboot and the re-casting too. Marvel really didn't want Andrew Garfield anymore. I liked Garfield, but I can see Marvel wanting to take more creative control. I just wish it was a light-reboot and not a second one.

So, this new Spider-Man will show up in Marvel movies and his own series produced by Sony. I like the connections between the two studios, and it is a smart move to keep it all in the same universe. Will we see Marvel's Kingpin and Ben Urich from the new Daredevil TV series.  
 I feel bad for Garfield because he was into the character and Sony sort of ruined it for him with all the cuts to the Spider-Man movies.  

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