Monday, April 20, 2015

Tiptoes (The Movie)

Tiptoes (The Movie)
Yes, this trailer is really bad. I've heard two podcasts that rip this movie apart. Now, I want to see this piece of crap, because the trailer is just plain The Room bad. Supposedly, there is a lot of history behind this movie. Yet, it seems the makers and actors will not talk about this movie other than Peter Dinklage
  Dinklage says this from NY Times, ((“I saw the director’s cut, and it was gorgeous.” That two-and-a-half-hour director’s cut was shown at a film festival in Austin, Tex.; the director, Matthew Bright, was reportedly fired shortly afterward, and the movie was recut. “The people who fired him ruined the movie,” Dinklage insisted. “They made it into a weird little quirky rom-com, but with dwarves.” ))

Like I wrote before, no one really outside the film community really knows this movie exist.
-Director’s Cut?: Yes, there is a director's cut somewhere. The studio got wind of how bad the movie was and panicked. They fired the director (Matthew Bright) and cut out huge portions with subplots and characters completely disappearing for no reason. While the cut up version is considered bad, I heard the 2hr version is worst, but at least it makes sense. 
 Spoiler Alert: The Mother of Dragons?
  -Director Matthew Bright: It looks like this movie destroyed his career. This was his last movie as director and most of his other work stopped in 2004 with a few things lingering into 2010. His wiki page does list Tiptoes, but the description of his work doesn't mention the movie.

-Gary Oldman playing a little person: Why would you hire a regular height person to play a little person? Oldman spends most of the movie on his knees pretending to be a little person. Isn't that like a white guy wearing yellow or brown makeup? Why not hire a little person actor? What were they thinking? No one told him or the director this is sort of offensive? You could probably get away with it in the 80s. But the 2000s? Nope.
 -Matthew McConaughey must have smoked a lot of weed during the filming. Matthew only recently mentioned his role in the horrible Texas Chainsaw movie, will he talk about this movie?

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