Saturday, April 04, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Recently, I've had my ups and downs mentally. Even when I am in a somewhat good mood, I start thinking about bad things and I start to get down again. I am jealous of people that don't let things bother them like they do to me. It is will usually be things that happened way in the pass like being “friend zoned” or getting screwed out of promotion, or my father tying to call me as if we're friends or close. I think about all the friends I've lost over the years via heath issues. I wish I could think happy thoughts, but something always negative pops in my head as if I don't deserve to be happy. I just wish I had that power to not dwell on bad things. It's gotten worst over past few days its seems, probably because I've really kept to myself even more than usual. 
 ~The Lone Ranger: I keep seeing this movie pop up half-way or in the third act on TV. I want to watch it in full in order to write a review for it, but it doesn't seem to be OnDemand, but it is actively on one of the cable channels. I can see the story plot problems and the fact they tore out an entire subplot about werewolves, but keep everything else about these cursed people in the movie. Why not remove the nature is off balance subplot if it doesn't pay off? The only thing that is consistently good is the score by Hans Zimmer. Zimmer has really moved away from his 90s style of music making and turned into a really good and well rounded composer. I kind of wish he was allowed to use the original William Tell Overture. However, it does turn up at the end of the movie and the score.
~Encyclopedia Dramatica: Given I am still doing this shitty blog, I thought I would have pissed off enough people to get me my own ED entry. I guess being a blogger isn't worthy enough. I look at ED entry to blogging and I laugh because that pretty much sums up my blog to a T. Hey, dissuade yourself from blogging with these easy steps, word. I wish I would have read this ten years ago, damn it. BTW, I am just kidding.
~Spring Time is here because, insects are already biting the hell out of me. I went outside without a jacket and I now have two bites on my arms. Damn it, here we go again. Time to get the OFF sprays again. It doesn't help that there is a lot of standing water around due to the heavy rain. 
 ~Game of Thrones score: I am currently listening to Season's 2 and 3's scores. I've listening to the White Walkers theme and Mhysa themes (Mother of Dragons). The white walkers have two themes that combined into one by season 2, and I found that interesting. In season 1 whenever anyone spoke of the WW there was this distance theme. At the end of season 2 we hear another theme for theme, a march. And, by season 3 we get both themes combined. Mother of Dragons theme is like a complete opposite of that.

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