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Random Star Wars things

Random Star Wars things
Star Wars Episode 1 early Draft?
I've been looking everywhere for an early draft to Star Wars EP1's script. I heard a podcast discussing the early version of the script that had a Jar Jar Binks that wasn't stupid or silly and an older Skywalker. I've seen some blogs talking about it though.
I also heard there were outlines written earlier that had a more serious story and background to the Jedis that Lucas wrote and one producer read. Most of that was dropped for the current movies.
The podcast above also talks about rumors of Natalie Portman being very mean to Keira knightley on the set of EP1 to the point of making Kira cry. I can't confirm this at all, but Portman has tried to distanced herself from the series and she blames the series for almost ruining her career. I can't find anything on the Kira/Portman thing though. I've noticed a lot of the prequel actors have nothing good to say about the movies it seems. Were things that bad? 

Was that a jab at Portman?  
They also stated that Portman's rudeness was the reason her character was basically not important to EP3 other than being with child.
They only touch on the other issue: People forget that Lucas pretty much lashed out against the fans a few months before Disney bought the franchise. I remember him saying there were going to be anymore SW films due to the response from the fans. Lucas is so far removed that he doesn't under why there is so much criticism of his prequels. Some of it is sound criticism, and some of it is entitled fan bullshit. I lean toward Lucas not being able to tell a proper story. 

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From Hollywood Reporter, via The New York Times (("Why would I make any more, when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?" ))
Well, lucky for us, you won't have to. 

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