Monday, April 13, 2015

Skate-Man Intense Rescue (The Return and Rebuttal)

Skate-Man Intense Rescue (The Return and Rebuttal)
Yes, there are some indie devs that get butthurt over criticism and pull this shit all the time with reviewers. They throw a copyright strike in order to avoid criticism of their little games. It happens in the movie realm too. Remember the director of The Room pull this shit back in the day with That Guy in the Glasses?
When you put shit out there, it will be cheered and jeered. It's your job to either counter it in your voice, make your product better, or ignore it. Wow, it's that easy.
Look, I did and do a lot of writing in the creative field. I HAVE to take criticism of my work. It hurts, but it is just part of the creative game.
Anyway, Jim Sterling rules in the last few minutes of the video above. He rips into the devs at the end and it is just lovely. I tip my fedora to you, Jim.  If I had one...
And, Digpex Games, you are now just a joke.  However, people will probably buy your games just for the lulz and trolling.  

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