Monday, April 06, 2015

Neurotology Music Video (Maybe a little too close to home)

Neurotology Music Video (Maybe a little too close too home)
I watched the Going Clear special and this poardy is very close to the original music video. Boy, someone at SNL is going to get an angry letter and probably get investigated by PI's
Check out the “We Stand Tall” music video. This was made after Miscavige won the battle against the IRS.
I'd love to know how many of these people were forced into this music video. BTW, check out the fake reading by the Japanese Space Church guy in the video. It is really funny. And, David, nice Bill Cosby sweater.
And, it gets's a video revealing Scientology's music and music videos. Trust me, they have their own music and it is worst than DC Talk.
New Scientology on the Block?
Screw Beck and Will Smith, these are best Space Church artists


MC said...

Wow, I actually recognized someone from the photo plate on that last video.

The red haired daughter from Grounded For Life is in that.

I didn't know she was one of them too.

Semaj said...

Ywah, you're right. I kind of hoped she was just a hired hand for the music video, but she is (was?) roped up in that space church. I did a google search on her name came up on the list of Space church members.

Good find and good eyes.

I was trying to figure out if the fat kid in the video was someone famous or sort of.

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