Thursday, April 09, 2015

Walter Scott shooting

Walter Scott shooting
On a serious note, I've come down hard on the black community. I've always felt the black community needed to protest black on black crime just as hard as we do a questionable police shooting. When discussing police brutality, let's talk about the horrible crimes going on in the communities where this is going on. We need to talk about how to take a more passive approach to unwanted police stops. Let's not run from the police or protest in such loud manners.
However, NOTHING can forgive the way that police officer handled this shooting of Walter Scott. He shot the man in the back...unarmed. F' you.

Walter Scott wasn't a thug or a guy that robbed a store. He didn't have a violent past. He was a dude that served in the Coast Guard. And, guess what? He had arrest warrants for unpaid child support. That's a deadbeat dad not a loser that shoplifts at a store or some stupid thug with his pants sagging. He didn't deserve to be shot. Sure, there might have been a struggle, but to be shot down like a rat? Really?
And, police officers, please stop yelling at the guy as if he can hear you.  After filling him with holes, he’s not going to respond.  And, you don’t have to handcuff a dead man. 
I am so glad Feidin Santana recorded this incident because it would have been a cover up and it would have been “just another black male acting violent”. 
By the way, Michael Stager, what did you drop beside Scott’s body?  Hmm? That's extremely arrogant when you know someone is watching you. And, you know something is shady when hist first lawyer dropped him.
This needs to be a wake up call to all black males. It shows that black lives really don't matter to some police officers and some will rather shot you than take you to jail. You're not going to be sure what kind of police officer you're going to get.
Don't argue with them, you're not going to win.
Don't attack them, you're not going to win.
Don't run away from them. You might get shot.
We have to start to have a measured response to their harassment. We need to learn that we don't matter in some of these officers eyes and they would rather shoot us than to deal with us. It needs to be changed, but it IS a reality now. So, we need to do everything on our side to keep ourselves alive...even if it means going to jail.
Again, Scott didn't deserve this.
I want there to be justice and to hold the police responsible for needless deaths and beatings. Yes, protest this stuff, but let's also come together to get angry about the other crimes we see in our communities too. Let's get upset over the shootings and murders in our streets too. The police don't live in these communities, so they aren't going to give a shit. But, you should.  Use this as a starting point. 
Okay, I'm off my soap box.


Nick said...

You know, I've always thought it was odd that I was more liberal on issues on African American issues than you were. But after a while, I came to admire that you were tougher on "your group" (as I used to be on conservative Christians) because you wanted to see improvements in your own community. As bad as it seems now, this has been happening forever, but it's been an issue in the last ten years because, now, everyone has a camera.

As tragic as this is that this has been happening. I am thankful that cell phones have become as ubiquitous as they have become simply because "he was struggling" has now been impossible to prove. We should have learned from Russian dash cameras a long time ago and videoed all of our actions at all times just to show that we need to deal with an issue that has historically been easy to suppress.

Semaj said...

Thank goodness for cameras and camera phones. Luckily is it used also for filming things like this other than chicks giving middle fingers and duck faces in selfies. Yeah, I come down hard but I've also been attacked for “not growing up in the hood”. So, I am not supposed to have a say in matters. People always have that one chambered when I talk shit about problems.

I felt upset that this one was a guy that merely didn't pay child support and he wasn't a thug. Then there is the disregard for his life that also gets to me with the cop dropping his taser beside the body. How many times has this happened without a camera?

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