Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chris Chan: I can't stop reading and watching this guy

Chris Chan: I can't stop reading and watching this guy
I only heard about this guy passingly with Linkara making fun of him in one of his reviews, but I never looked up the reference. However, it was only recently that I discovered the full Chris Chan. I had no idea the saga behind Sonichu and Chris Chan. And, now everyday, I discover something new about this guy.
At times, I feel bad for this guy, but then I am reminded he's a racist, homophobic asshole that puts his shit in comic books. Sadly, despite this, he also has his white knights too.
I'm fascinated by him because I've know two to three guys just like him minus the racism. I knew one kid in school that claimed he was an android and behaved in such a manner. He would loudly remind people he was an android too. I tried befriended him because I liked that he didn't give a shit, but discovered that he was a total prick and that was why no one really liked him.  He wanted to be just like Mr. Data.  I wish I could make this shit up.  
While I was never this bad, I could understand why he want to live in this fantasy world, because real life is mean, brutal and sometimes lame.  But, going that deep into fantasy is just unhealthy.  
I wonder what happened to this kid.  

Side note:  Did you know Chan almost has to deface any XBox display he finds?  This has gotten him banned from many stores in his hometown.  

I'll have more.  

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