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Daredevil TV show (Part 2 of 2)

Daredevil TV show (Part 2 of 2)
 The last episode of the series is probably one of best things I've seen in a while. It is a nice payoff between the two main characters. It all builds up to that point. Plus, we finally see a hero embrace his role and villain finally becoming a true bad guy.
DD has an amazing cast other than the two main characters. They feel like real people despite the fact they are based on comic book counterparts. Here are a few worth noting.
Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page: Yes, she's based on a real character from the books, but Woll brings something special to her. She is a strong character that isn't a victim despite the horrible things that happen to her. She has a few flaws. She is so driven to take down the Kingpin that puts other people in danger. It was such good decision to have Woll play this character. Forget female Thor, this is a strong female character from the Marvel universe, as long as Frank Miller isn't writing her. .
Elden Henson as Foggy: Prefect casting as the best friend to Matt. He's a nerdy guy that starts out as one thing but ends the series a completely different person. Actually, he's better. Unlike the movie, Foggy is more fleshed out due to having more time to deal with his background and relationship to Matt. Henson is just fits right in as this guy. Midway through the season, he as a major character arc and decision to make.
Toby Leonard Moore as James Wesley: He's the Kingpin's right hand man. He is so loyal to Kingpin that it might hurt him in the long run. If I had one gripe about this character is that we don't the history behind why he's so loyal to Fisk. What is the history behind his friendship with Kingpin?
Vondie Curtis-Hall as Ben Urich : They went with a different direction with this character than what was portrayed in the movie version. Here, they make him much older and he's portrayed by an African American. Keep mind the MCU is based on different parts of the various Marvel universes. I think Hall got the job because he's a great actor and the age thing plays a huge part in his role. This is set in the modern age where newspapers are no longer what they were and the Internet is all powerful. Urich is one of the dinosaurs from that earlier era. He gets a lot of screen time.
Bob Gunton : Character-actor Gunton is basically playing himself. He's a smart-ass that works for the Kingpin. I noticed that Fisk seems to give this guy a long leash as far as his underling giving him smart-ass remarks. I like every scene he's in.
Rosario Dawson : She plays an important nurse in the comic book. Dawson isn't in the show as much as I would like. She's pretty good in her part though. Clearly, Dawson will show up in some of the other Marvel series coming out? Will she show up on Agents of Shield?
There is also something else going on behind the scenes with certain criminal elements using Kingpin for other nefarious things. Also there seems to be magical element going on too with the Japanese and Chinese gangs. Plus, there is something the Chinese mobster mentions offhandedly that caught my attention. They're building the mythology with these side mentions and I like it.
One of my biggest gripes about the series is it kills off characters gleefully almost in the same manner as Lost did all those years ago. I would want to know about the relationship he or she has with another character and suddenly, the character is killed off. One major marvel character, in the comic books, is killed off at the end of of the season and it is rather sad because there could have been a lot potential for this character to show up in other shows and movies. I understand it was important to emotional nature of the plot, but I just wanted to see that character grow and change. There are other really cool characters that get wiped out before we get to know them better and it is a bit frustrating.
Anyway, DD is a wonderful series that fits in well with the larger Marvel Universe world, but it stakes its claim in the gritty, glory, dark world of a street level hero. The series is well written and clever and sometimes eve funny. We get insight into how DD thinks and even see him screw up a great deal. The action is gritty and well-produced and filmed. There is a good overall message about fighting corruption in your neighborhood, but it doesn't hit you over the head. DD has some flaws, but it is a great series. It is fitting that Marvel is the one that finally gets the character right in the live media.
Grade A-

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