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Avengers: Age of Ultron (review 1 of 2)

Avengers: Age of Ultron (review 1 of 2)
 In some ways, Age of Ultron isn't as good as the first movie, but it is certainly a fun movie with some good moments. Marvel takes a slightly darker turn with AOU than the first one. The writing is bit more connective within itself as things tend to payoff more. And, the main villain is actually rather compelling and interesting. The CGI and practical effects are top-notch too. The film also flows into the overall Marvel Universe fairly well. It's a darker movie, but still a lot of funny moments.
Basically, Tony Stark invents an AI that ends up becoming a huge problem to the entire world. The Avengers have to set aside their differences and fight this new menace.
First off, Ultron is an astonishing villain and impressive to see conceived on screen. His introduction to the team is one of my favorite moments. He's in this half form limping toward the Avengers and belittles them with his strange outlook on life. It is then followed by a nice little action scene.
James Spader does a splendid job with the voice of Ultron. Spader odes this thing with his voice where he almost sounds like Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr. ). And, he should because Ultron is based on Stark and has some of his mannerisms and humor. And, there are some nice moments where Ultron comes across as rather that Downey Jr. way. There is some good stuff with Spader.
Tony Stark is more or less one of the bigger characters in this movie due the fact he created (kind of) Ultron. And, he did it for noble reasons, except it didn't turn out the way he dreamed. This puts him in direct conflict with Steve Rogers (Captain America)/ Cap sees things in a black and white view due to the era he grew up in. Are we getting a hint of things to come between the two heroes?
I think the clashes between are just as interesting as the huge action set pieces. What doesn't work are some of the side story for Thor. I understand that this side story is supposed to set up the next Thor movie, but it seemed out of place from the rest of the movie, which builds on what's come before and yet to come. The Thor subplot just felt forced except for his tie-in to the introduction to a new hero. I thought that worked extremely well.
Speaking of the new hero, I freaking love the Vision. They sort of keep him as a mystery, but he seems to be a powerfully ally for the Avengers. And, I didn't think he'd work but he does. Also, there is a nice moment with Thor and his hammer I won't spoil and everyone in theater cheered. I don't want to give away anymore about the Vision, but he's one of the best parts about the movie.
Captain America also plays a large role in this movie as well. He's basically in the same mindset he was in since The Winter Soldier.
I think there are two problems with the movie that keep it from being better than first movie. One, the pacing is all over the place. There are scenes that grind the movie to a halt and don't really help the overall pace of the movie. I would have cut out a minute out of the farmhouse scenes. Two, there is clearly some things cut from the movie that would have cleared up some of the relationship moments.
The movie doesn't flow as well as the first movie and that could be a problem for the 5-second/140 characters crowd.

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