Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I got a review...from a Tumblr person...on a Jersey Shore blog…

 The amount of hair products and STD medication has to be huge with this group.
I was digging around Google, putting my blog's address into the search to see if anyone mentioned me or linked to something. I came across this “wonderful” Tumblr blog discussing my review of Jersey Shore way back in 2010! Yep, almost five years ago. Basically, this Tumblr reviewed my review and tore me a new bunghole.
For shits, let's go through their review of my review of Jersey Shore.
((Proving the big name sources unreliable it was time to see if young blog writers could bring forward any dependable information. On the random google search an article or blog by Semaj came up about Jersey Shore. ))
First off, I am not a young blog writer. I had been writing for about 7-8 years before this post was even conceived. And, anyone reading my shitty blog knows I bring NO “dependable information” nor do I care to anything on the Internet. I am just a blogger. Journalist look down on bloggers and bloggers look down on Tumblr users. Tumblr people look down on Tweeters and Tweeters look down on Facebook users. And, everyone hates MySpace. That is the order of things.
((Blogs are mostly meant for people to state their opinions. ))
Or, state opinions on opinions. Why do I feel there is a “but” coming up?
((The article is really biased and the author greatly portrays his point of view about the show. The author makes the article so slanted that it turns into a hate piece against the show. ))
Thank you for calling it an article. It makes it seem legit. Biased? It's a review, you green-blooded Vulcan. It's supposed to be a hate piece because it is my opinion on the show. I hate the show, so therefore the piece is negative. Oh, it gets better. Read on...
((Moreover, a small amount of grammatical and spelling errors and his addition of vulgar words cause the reader to not appeal to the language as well as to take his side. ))
I take pride in my grammatical errors. It's like stepping in horse poop. Be proud of the smell you're tracking in. Take pride in your mistakes I say. And, the vulgar words? Where the fuck do you see me writing shitty words? I don't want people to take my side on things I want people to form their own opinions. And, you are talking about Jersey Shore, a show that has a bunch of annoyingly good looking people banging other stupid good looking people.
((If the author kept his personal opinions to himself, and it is hard not to in a blog, then the article would have a well-rounded tone to it and would leave the audience with a contradictory point of view. ))
You know he/she/personal pronoun does have a point, but the cover of “blogger” still applies with my review. The show is so full of people I hate in real life that there is no way to remove it from my review. However, there does need to be a balance though, but not with something like Jersey Shore. The show doesn't deserve it.
((By bringing his own perspective most of the information in the article cannot be backed up by a legitimate source, thus the accuracy of the information and whether most people feel like this is true for support. ))
You make it sound like an Wiki entry more than a shitty review about a shitty TV show.
Anyway, I laughed out loud when I read this “review” of my review. I really can't take it that seriously because it is a Tumblr blog, and it is about a shitty reality show that's not on the air anymore. I'm guessing this was written at the height of the show's popularity, because now no one cares about the JS crew anymore.

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