Monday, May 04, 2015

Peter North Hockey Jersey?

Peter North Hockey Jersey? 
 Wait, that's no hockey stick...
Because I am really down in the dumps and depressed, this really made my day.  
I guess if you can't be Mr. North, you can wear him (pun intended)
Wait, so this is real? If you aren't in the know, Peter North is an adult star that has been in the business for a very-very long time. He's known for a certain ability I won't go into here. Some would call him a god among spunk. He's the T2 to Ron Jeremy's T-101. But, I stumbled across (don't ask) a picture of him in a hockey shirt of his own making.
I guess it is a parody of a hockey team just with his brand. North is Canadian and he's a hockey fan. However, would any dude really want this thing? Or a woman for that matter. Come to find out this jersey is real.
I will give him create for having the added “star” and oddly shaped “N”.
Here's the real jersey. 

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