Monday, May 04, 2015

Rihanna, Really?

Yeah, at this point, I've given up on Rihanna. It's part of a bigger problem in the black community of black women getting back “with their man” after she gets the living shit beat out of her. Rih went back to Chris Brown a few times despite the fact he beat her up, left bite marks and left her for dead in the car.
I kind of feel unconformable with the fact she made a song about giving a woman a pimp hand after her real life experiences. I don't know if she is parodying these sort of songs or not. After her real life encounters with the ass-hat CB, you would think she's stay away from that sort of thing. Now, ODB's song is clearly a parody.
Side Note: ODB's music video has not aged well.
I know I am sounding a bit SJW, but this just seems wrong to me. And, it also sends the wrong message to little black girls that unfortunately look up to her. Side note: There might be a lawsuit in the making about this song.
Also, it should be noted that a woman wrote this shitty (dance?) song. How are people are supposed to dance to this shit?
Anyway, I really don't care overall, because Rih should have grown from her incident and become a better person. I am not a fan of her current music anyway.

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