Saturday, May 30, 2015

Screech Convicted (Update)

Screech Convicted (Update)
 I just wrote about this fool a day ago, now news has come out that he's been convicted. Don't get too happy about it, because they ended up being minor offenses.
From, ((A US jury has convicted TV actor Dustin Diamond of two misdemeanours stemming from a bar-room fight, but cleared the former Saved by the Bell actor of the most serious felony charge. ))
Basically, it is a slap on the wrist more than anything else. A knife is considered a concealed weapon I guess in the state he was in and that's what he's been convicted with. He also got a disorderly conduct wrap too. I think he should have been charged with being an annoying person in character and real life.
From ((The first of these charges carries a maximum penalty of nine months imprisonment but sentencing is yet to take place. ))
All jokes aside, I think Screech has that Gary Coleman anger in him. I think all that pinned up hatred for his fame or lack of it, causes him to prove he is a bad ass such as this case. Plus, it seems the rest of his Save By the Bell cast isn't too fond of him today after that shitty movie,  He's basically an angry clown-man-child that will stop at nothing to be famous again. 
Anyway, I found this whole thing rather amusing.

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