Thursday, May 07, 2015

Top That! From Teen Witch (revisited)

Top That! From Teen Witch (revisited)
Yes, this actually happened in a movie. The guys over at We Hate Movies took on the horrible, yet fun and funny, movie Teen Witch. I decided to re-watch that famous Top That scene. It is the best thing about this strange Teen Wolf spinoff (yes, it kind of is a spinoff). 
-Gotta get that goofy hat Teen Witch's friend Polly is wearing. Want to make her frumpy? Give her that stupid hat.
-WHM mentioned how really old the funky-boys look: The main guy has a receding hairline! Since when do men in their late 20s dance around like jackasses and make funky rhymes?
-The main funky-boy (man) is actually the son of Robert Blake (the guy that forget his gun and his wife was “gunned” down by a "stranger"). He's the a-hole boss in Money Train. Well, the guy with fading hairline is his son. Huffington dug that shit up about him. He's still working today and has a career...unlike his father.
-Robyn Lively da witch has been steady working ever since Top That. I always had a thing for her when I was younger. Remember, she was in The Karate Kid, Part III (AKA not the worst one in the series, but still bad.)
-Please note that Polly takes off her goofy hat when she busts her “hot fire” words.
- “Can you funky kids stop busting rhymes out there!” Why isn't anyone pissed about a bunch of d-bags pumping their radio so loud?
This is what Mandy Ingber looks like today. 

Yes, she is probably more funky (and very attractive) than her nerdy past self from the Teen Witch movie. She's now a famous yoga instructor. Mandy, you got some amazing arms.
Top That!

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