Thursday, April 23, 2015

Adam Sandler's new project offends a lot of people on set.

Adam Sandler's new project offends a lot of people on set.
From e-online, ((A Netflix spokesperson has issued a statement with regards to the comedic content of the film after approximately a dozen Native American actors reportedly walked off the set on Wednesday, saying they were "offended" by the flick's stereotypical subject matter.  ))
On one hand, I hate Sandler and his lazy practices of shoehorning in all these products shamelessly, however, people should know what they're signing up for when you are cast in a Sandler film. You're signing up for shit.
Look, I feel for the Native American people that were offended and I understand, but look at Sandler's body of work. It is mostly all shit and offends everyone. You enter at your own risk. He produced Dicky Roberts for crap's sake. Maybe, there is some middle road when they're not so offensive with the work on the project. It's a touchy subject especially when dealing with Native Americans in the west.
By the way, this Ridiculous 6 was supposed to be released back in 2014. And, look at this cast for this movie. With the except of Rob Schneider, the cast is amazing. You have Danny Trejo and Terry Crews in the same movie. I like that Netflix is now making movies, but why a Sandler movie?

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