Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
~Optimism of Young People; As I stated before, I work around a lot of young people (Teens-20s). One thing I will always give them is their view on the world. It is filled such openness. They actually see their future with hope and goodness. I am 100% cynical about everything and have become even more negative over the years and months. I think that comes with age. And, I try to explain that to these young people. However, I admire the way they go head first into situations without all that baggage of history following behind them. That's probably what makes them such go-getters because they don't have the bitter baggage of failure and contempt. Even in my bitter heart, I actually like that, and it amusing me.
~Jim Sterling takes on Steam Early Access games: Damn, Jim is pissed, but god bless him for his honesty. This falls into the Skate Man-gate thing. From what I am gathering, people are attacking people for making fun of these early access games with some using takedown notices. While I don't agree with him on everything, he has a point here. And, I am really starting to like this guy a lot. 

~Daredevil: Finished up the season of the Daredevil on Netflix. Damn, that is a kickass series. It makes even the gritty director's cut of the DD movie seem lame in comparison. I loved the director's cut of that movie, but this series does the character such a service. Also, there are ties to the MCU too and a slight connection to Agent of Shield. I will have a review up soon. Now, onto Community on Yahoo. I started that a few weeks ago. So, review pending on the Daredevil show. Stay tuned. 
 ~YAC (Yet Another Cleaner) shenanigans: I used to really like the YAC program and the interface. However, the program has gotten very shady of late and my Malwarebytes program cleared out most of the things connected to YAC. It seems YAC has been using MBAM's database on your computer. So, yeah things were also getting a little unstable with the YAC program on my PC. MBAM removed YAC. As I said before, I love the interface and the speed of the program, but things aren't looking good for this program.

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