Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Brannon Braga Tweet Super Rant

Brannon Braga Tweet
Why is Riker here? 
On a whim and because I've been preparing a VOY post, I decided to do a search on BB on Google and came across his Twitter. The first thing to come up was this “wonderful” tweet.
From his twitter page, ((It's my hope that one day a new generation will discover ENTERPRISE not knowing they're supposed to hate it))
Here's the thing Braga, I actually liked ENT better than Voyager. By the end of the 4th season of VOY, I lost interest in the show due to the poor writing and character development. ENT, while flawed, actually had some things going for it. I liked seeing Star Fleet interacting with other races, but hated seeing the anomaly of the week stories though. And, why was one of the main female leads wearing a skin-tight suit given she's a Vulcan and they wear looser clothes?
ENT started to get into a creative fall from seasons 1-2. I think the show found its stride in season 3 and really became a true Trek Prequel during season 4. the Season another producer more or less took over. The show actually became about trek and trek lore. This was the show people wanted to see, but it was too late and the show was cancelled.
Braga, and don't get me started on your series finale. I could actually go on for pages about the problems with the script and the focus (TNG era flash-forwards really?) You should have let Coto end the show his way and not latched on that terrible finale.
Whenever someone wants to know which shows to watch I tell them TOS DS9 TNG (Skip VOY) and only watch seasons 3-4 of ENT. 
 Braga, I think new viewers will come to series, after watching TNG and DS9, find it more uneven and bland than the other series. Sadly, I don't think they'll sit through two seasons of messy BB work in order to get to the good seasons. Then, they'll be letdown by the series finale (damn, I cant get away from mentioning it) .
Braga was good at writing strange sci-fi stories with interesting twists, but he was NEVER good at writing character development, story arcs, continuity (See the Flashback episode of VOY), or politics. I think the should would have ran 7 years if someone else created and ran that show. Braga needed to leave trek behind after VOY, but he stayed on. Heck, Ron Moore had to leave trek after realizing he didn't fit with VOY.
He should have let trek move on without him. That's why his tweet sort of pissed me off. (One more finale rant. This guy co-wrote one of the best ending to a trek series with All Good Things, but he couldn't write a good one for ENT?)
 I will get to the Finale of ENT some day. 

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