Monday, April 27, 2015

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
~Boy, I feeling like shit despite sleeping a lot today.
That is why you failed. 
~Never going to get it: I watch this guy at work try to get in good with this young lady around his age, but he doesn't get that she is not attracted to him in that all. I know for a fact she's not interested, but she enjoys the constant flirting. He's even taken her out to dinner. If I cared for this dude, I'd tell him to move on and find someone else, but I simply don't want to set him straight. It's not my job. Plus, he needs to have that realization himself. It's sort of rite of passage for nerds/geeks, both male and female. Trust me, I've seen firsthand it happened to the female counterpart. I was involved in that as a side character (I had to tell her that he was involved with another woman). And, trust me, that realization is one of the worst feelings ever, but I think people need a few failures under their belts in order to get better and stronger.
~Sarah Silverman's story: I really like Sarah, because she is edgy and funny. She says things that aren't PC and does whatever. She also is willing to diss a Network when they shit on her show. However, I find it troubling that she made a story completely up for a gender pay gap. I mean she changed the story completely to fit in the narrative. Is there gender inequality? Yes, but why make up a story that can be fact checked rather quickly because the owner is still alive and active? Why dog a person's rep for a lie? It takes away from the movement you're trying to support. Again, I love me some Sarah also because she was in two episodes of Star Trek Voyager. The producers on the show wanted to hire her on as regular star.

~ Lil Wayne’s tour buses get shot at: I am shocked it didn't happen in Florida. It happened in Atlanta. Wasn't he in serious medical condition a few years back? I really am not a fan of his music and it seems he's in almost every song on the radio. It sounds like he has marbles in his mouth when he raps. Why is he so popular?

~Silent Hills state?: I know a lot of gamers were pissed when news started floating out that maybe the impressive game Silent Hills was being canceled. They are also pulling the playable trailer from the Playstation network. Sony isn't doing this, Konami is. It looks like Konami is really trying to drop everything with game as if it never happened. Heck, it even looks like Norman Reedus  is being dropped for all the promotional material. It looks like this form of the game is dead due to politics within the company. I am guessing they'll just farm out another shitty sequel to an American/Canadian dev team. Things have really gone sour between the company and Hideo Kojima. So, yeah Silent Hills is done for. How much of it was completed?

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