Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Riots My thoughts

I was going to sit on this for a few more days, but after watching this pure foolishness of our young black community, I have to speak out.
For the looters and rioters that display the Justice for Freddie signs as they beat, burn and destroy things in the Baltimore riot, F' you. You're missing the point. Destroying your own city doesn't bring justice to the Freddie cast. It just makes things worst. This is why I am always harsh on the black community, and this is also why I am considered a sell out by the thugs.
How does acting like thugs and clowns bring attention and support to your cause? I look at this clown show and shake my head in shame. This is why we have so many problems in the black community and we refuse to address them. Not every response has to be an attack. 
We attack and loot our own areas and treat our own like shit, but this never gets addressed whenever there is a massive protest.  We should be protesting the conditions in schools and support better education.  Let's stop the police from overstepping, but let's get mad at our own that f' up our communities too.  
This is no revolution, this is just thuggery. This is just a bunch of young people wanting to mess shit up.  
And, this is for FOX News, there is a difference between protesters and rioters. Keep that in mind. And, yes, the PD is running mad over anyone that gets in their way. This abuse needs to stop. However, Baltimore doesn't deserve this.
Black folks, we can do better. We should do better. I am a shamed and you should be too.
So, when you have at Justice sign up while burning down a store, please stop.  You've already failed at a peaceful demonstration.  


MC said...

The truth is, the police want there to be a little bit of looting, because then they can point to that and have "justification" to do whatever they want, because they know that the media is going to jump on that so everything else that happens is colored by that (and they won't happen to mention that in what they are calling race riots, a lot of the time, it is white college kids heading to where the protesting is so they can start some shit, since when they get bored, they can just go home. That happened in Ferguson a lot, and there was a night where a group of protestors protected businesses from white dudes trying to start trouble in the area.

I was reading a story this afternoon about the huge number of school children, including lot of teenagers, that the Baltimore police would not let out of the area last night. They pulled all these students off of busses and stopped train services from the area, wouldn't talk to any of those kids to give them a status update and held them in that area indefinitely. The police set up the very conditions that led to those events:


And just now, the Baltimore Police tweeted that criminals had set a fire in front of a library. Many witnesses are contradicting that and pointing out that sparks from a tear gas container fired by the police started that fire, so the narrative that the department is painting does not seem to be at all accurate.

I also remember seeing the Ferguson police saying they were not using tear gas against protestors while watching the live feed of protestors there in a residential neighborhood being fired upon from long distance with tear gas by police.

Ferguson was the event that showed me that the media is very much complicit in shaping the narrative that police departments want.

MC said...


Semaj said...

I agree with you. The police like nothing more than to beat the living crap out people and give a reason to come down hard on protesters and rioters. You're right, there is always a media narrative that they want to make and not seek the truth. (Fox News) and its troubling, but the outsiders and the young folks are making it worst by attacking white people and the police. It adds dynamite to the flames.

My problem is there is a growing culture of violence and looting within the black community that doesn't get addressed. In Louisville, we had a mob of black teens roaming around attacking people and destroying things “just because”. In Memphis, we had a mob of black teens beating the living crap out of some Kroger employees. This is another point of a culture of “not giving a f'” that has grown out of these teens and outsiders. And, yes, there are people out there trying to stand up to these loons. And, I agree the PD is part of the problem, but there is a huge portion of community that doesn't care about PD corruption and brutality.

And, I am not going to lie, I can't trust PD because I've had encounters with them. However, I feel like I am just as likely to get shot down by one of these young thugs.

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