Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Age of Ultron OST random thoughts

Age of Ultron OST random thoughts
-Did I hear the Iron Man 3 theme? Yep.
-It sounds like they retained the main theme from the first movie. So, yes they kept the main theme, but there is a new theme added to hero theme. The score is much darker than the first one too. I like it, but the older theme is better.
-Danny Elfman? What did he work on in this score? From what I can tell, Elfman worked a lot on this score more so than I was led to believe. Are they setting him up to take the composer reigns for the Spider-Man reboot? 
-Thor's theme?  Is it in the score?  I can't tell because I haven't heard all of the score yet.  
The strong strings from the first score are gone from the theme.  Listen to the old theme.  

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