Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Bits

Random Bits

~Britney Spears is falling apart all together. She's losing her kids to K-Fed.

~Why can't NBC see that having their shows on I-Tunes just helps them promote their shows overall. Plus, people are going to be willing to pay for TV shows for under 2 dollars anyway. CBS has it correct.

~I am listening to the first Medal of Honor soundtrack on my computer. Michael Giacchino is a pure sounding like John Williams. But he's sounds more like Williams than Williams does today.

~I received a B+ on a major paper in one of my classes. I would have gotten an A- if it weren't for some format issues. Like randomly having the date and time right in the middle of a paragraph. The teacher got confused and circled the error and put a question mark above it. I laughed because I had no idea how that date got there.

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