Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Kids on the Block Cartoon

As Blayde mentioned in the comment section, there was once a cartoon show named New Kids on the Block. Basically, it was a giant ad for the New Kids songs, because they at least crammed in two songs into two episodes. What made the show even worst were the live ‘comments’ by the real New Kids during the episode. They would pop up in little boxes and make remarks about the story.

The show is bad, but I figured I’d watch an episode for reviewing purposes.

New Kids On the Block - Full Cartoon- Sheikh of My Dreams

New Kids On the Block - Full Cartoon- Sheikh of My Dreams

New Kids On the Block - Full Cartoon- Sheikh of My Dreams

This episode attempts to be culturally respectful, but comes across incredibly racist. One of the New Kids (Jordan) decides that he is tired of banging groupies and wants a real relationship with a girl that doesn’t know who the New Kids are. (How about going into the future, like 2007, you’ll find many people here, Jordan?)

He encounters an Arab girl who wants out of an arrange marriage and falls in love with Jordan. The live clips are beyond annoying, as the “Kids” make stupid remarks about the shit on the screen. The first half of this episode feels like a major ego promotion for the New Kids’ fame. In the style of TMZ, their fans seem to follow them around everywhere they go. And, they make it a point to mention how much the ladies love them every five seconds.

The animation is cheap, almost to the early 80s quality. The voice acting is embarrassingly bad. The live inserts are out of place too, Mr. T style.

The episode breaks out every stereotype possible for people of Middle Eastern origins. There are beheading jokes and guys running around with huge swords. It gets so silly that the father of the Arab daughter brings his own camels to America. I don’t think you can do that. It tries to come across with a good message, but is simply racist by today’s standards.

The show was even worst than I remembered, and check out the strange version of their song ‘I’ll be loving you forever’.

Is it any surprise this show was produced by DiC animation?

Grade: F+

(Note: I was a little embarrassed when I started watching this episode in the School Library and I received some strange looks as people walked pass my screen. I also laughed out loud because of how stupid this episode is.)

You can't jump the shark when your show is already shitty.

4 comments: said...

wow. i ashamedly used to watch that when i was around 8 or so.

Semaj said...

I can't believe someone actually greenlit this show. and the New Kids management approved of this mess. This makes that Mr. T show look so much better.

Blayde said...

1. Yay, i caused a post
2. I also watched it, but back then cartoon was cartoon, and Transformers were of one genre, not animals in 3D as well

Semaj said...

Transformers was my all time favorite cartoon. I wish they would do cartoons back in the old style, just with better animation

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