Monday, September 10, 2007

Grindhouse: Planet Terror


Introduction: I was able watch this movie at U of L for only a dollar. It was in a theater and on film, not DVD. Hell, the film came with the 1408 trailer, I crap you not. Anyway, I’m going to break the reviews into two parts each with a post. Enjoy the reviews.

Planet Terror

It’s a zombie movie…

This Robert Rodriguez half was by far the weaker of the two films. While not a total bomb, it had some problems. I did enjoy the film for the sheer brutal nature and cruel humor that came out of the extremely dark situations. It truly felt like a film out of the 70s with the grain and color coding problems, but I felt the movie probably went too far with its violence and jokes.

However, the acting is absolutely a treat, even from Stacy Ferguson, whom doesn’t last long thankfully. It looks like everyone here was having a lot fun playing over the top their characters. Everyone hams it up for the movie.

Rose McGowan is really hot as a stripper, uh go-go dancer. She’s just great in her role. I’m usually not into pale girls, but I’d make an exception for her. Her partner Freddy Rodr√≠guez simply kicks ass as El Wray. Just watch him in action.

Robert Rodriguez has to get credit for messing with people’s minds with the Missing Reel gag; you have to see for yourself where the movie cuts out. It’s great because everyone wanted to see that section of the movie. I mean an entire plot-point is totally cut from the movie because of the missing reel. Great stuff.

Here’s an interesting kicker, some of the main characters from this movie show up in cameo roles in Deathproof. Thus, both movies are in a shared universe. Planet Terror happens after Deathproof in the timeline, so keep that in mind.

In the end, Robert Rodriguez isn’t the most skillful director or writer, but it was certainly a fun movie, which at times goes too extreme. One scene dealing with a small child goes too far in my opinion, and another scene involving a dog is too mean to be funny. There’s some good stuff in the film though.

Grade: C+

Coming up, the better movie Deathproof.

I guess making out is out of the question...

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MC said...

I just saw this on DVD(with additional material included in the cut, but sadly, that missing reel still messes with you), and it had the potential to be so much more.

On a positive note, the Machete trailer is at the beginning of the movie, and that is a movie I would pay to see.

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