Friday, September 28, 2007

How You Remind Me of Someday

Nickelback (How You Remind Me of Someday)

This NPR page talks about a guy that noticed similarities between two Nickelback songs and remixed them together to prove a point. I’d like to add my two cents, or nickel to it.

((Can a band plagiarize itself? ))

Better yet, can a band sue itself?

((What Smith noticed was that Nickelback's earlier hit song, "How You Remind Me," sounded very similar to one of the band's newest songs, "Someday." Once the similarity was discovered, the songs started piggybacking around the Internet with the moniker "How You Remind Me of Someday." ))

Part of me understands he’s talking about, because people have told me I have a strong musical ear, in which I can pick apart music and notice the smaller details in the musical structure.

Anyway, his girlfriend is a fan, and he revealed his discovery to her.

(("She pretty much despises Nickelback now," Smith said.))

That’s pretty extreme. Most bands have a certain sound, just like how writers have a style and structure that we get stuck in. I think it’s a bit harsh that people are attacking them on this issue, when there are singers ripping off other people’s songs left and right. (Cough-cough Elvis did it)

However, there are some similarities in the songs. Don’t take my word for it…

Here’s How You Remind Me: I sort of liked this video

Someday: This video is lame.

The Remix: I liked this remix of the two songs much better than hearing them alone.

And, you can download the remix here.

I report, you decide. (Take that, FOX News)


MC said...

An Australian comedy duo called SuperGirly did something like that to Britney Spears live on stage at Montreal.

Semaj said...

That was great, I'm going to post it on the main page, with credit for you of course.

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