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When Pornstars Attack: A collection of Meltdowns (Tanner Mayes

When Pornstars Attack: A collection of Meltdowns

Tanner Mayes Meltdown (No relation to the late Billy Mays)

Okay, many of us guys would like to meet a pornstar or even date one, but this clip should make every guy think twice about that.

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Comment: Besides the cussing, there isn't any nudity in this behind the scenes videos.

At first, Tanner Mayes seems a bit tipsy, but starts to lose it as the video goes on. One of the best parts is when the guy in the glasses yells at her. And, then she says, “Calm me down.” Is she on somethings?

Another cool part is when she shoves the computer off the desk. The owner of the computer throws coke at her (The cola not the drugs). What a way to get back at someone breaking your stuff. She then orders him to throw more coke on her. Brilliant move.

Best line: Tanner says, “I hope I quit porn because of you.” Somehow, that's passive aggressive and aggressive at the same time. I'm not sure how that's a threat though. Something tells me she won't be doing porn as much now...

There have been other meltdowns too.

Lucy Lee meltdown

Remember Lucy Lee going off on the camera guy. In a matter of minutes, Lucy goes from being nice to a ghetto witch. You have to love the fact she drink their beer and then wasn't going to do the scene.

Shawna Lenee Breakdown on The Opie & Anthony Show

She starts to breakdown an starts to cry in the interview. She's there to promote her Penthouse stuff, But, they start to show hardcore pictures of her on the screen. She starts to breakdown because of it. If that upset her, I get the feeling there are some other issues she needs to fix.

She's a very lovely girl and I am a fan, but get a grip.

She makes a response to the Opie and Anthony. Of course, they fight back with their response.

Bree Olson Meltdown

Bree goes completely nuts demanding the tape. (Follow up)

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