Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I’m seeing a trend here with Harry Knowles. I’m noticing he likes posing with women he’ll never have a chance with…ever. But, I will give him this, Pop culture Internet and news would not be where it is today without him starting his site.

So, I generally have a love and hate view of the big guy. But, there is an interesting article on the big redheaded fanboy Right here.

Stuntwomen like Harry too. I guess her stunt training helped her withstand the smell seeping from Harry. (There was a guy five times bigger than Harry and he worked at my job for a few weeks. He stunk to high heaven. My boss had to have a talk with him about taking showers. He asked, "Everyday?")

Nice colorful shirts you have here.

Skulls and roses? Again, where is he getting these shirts.

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