Tuesday, September 02, 2014

WTF Internet?

WTF Internet?
Officially, you have shocked and amazed me. I have been on this Internet a long time, but somehow, the Internet has officially shocked me. I was going to talk about the fappening ™ , but an outgrowth of this thing is #LeakForJLaw.
It is basically girls and guys going topless in support for Jennifer Lawrence. I just witnessed a woman posting a picture of herself being chowed down on by another woman in all angles with the hash-tag. Literally, everyone is getting naked.
People are getting suspended and shit. What in the f'?
Did they not know this was started to trick women into posing naked?
Is this just an excuse for women to post topless? NSFW, but damn!!!!!
I never saw this one coming, pun intended. 

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