Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This Guy is Pissed

This Guy is Pissed
I love that his friend tries and tries to get him to go home and calm down. Everything got worst when he called that woman the c-word. That was a bit too far. I have anger issues, but even I won't take it that far.
things could have gotten a lot worst that's for sure.
The lawyer's name is Kirby, but I don't think he's a fluffy-looking marshmallow thing that eats everthing.
By the way, this appeared on Reddit this week, but the video is over a year old. I did some digging and it seems the people outside were protesters and this Kirby guy. Kirby has been released from working with the school district.

As AOL stated, Kirby isn't listed on their law firm site. Was he let go from the firm or just removed from the site? By the way, here is the story behind the story on This American Life. It seems to be pretty shitty.  

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