Monday, September 01, 2014

Mr. Crusher canceled

Wil Wheaton canceled...I mean the Project.
Yes, this is a bit painful to watch. I actually like Wil and his rather annoying character on TNG. (He's been in many gaming discussions lately.) He's made geeks popular. The skits on the show are probably the worst part, and I don't think Wil was that bad. He's just a bit too stiff. Maybe Wil is too nice?
He did talk about the cancellation on his blog, thankfully not Twitter, and he had some interesting things to say.  He knew the ax was going down when he got the call.  
From Wil's blog, ((Well, I’m about to make your day less great,” he said. Then, he told me that Syfy will not be ordering more episodes of The Wil Wheaton Project. ))
At least the Executive called him, because most people find out their show is being canceled via the news.

While I didn't like the show, I feel the show was doomed from the start. SyFy is now offacially a joke. When they're not making shitty movies (Shark Turds), there not much else on. I used to watch it back in the 2000s, but not anymore. I just can't see the network being interested in a show modeled like The Soup.

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