Saturday, September 06, 2014

Das EFX: They Want EFX

Das EFX: They Want EFX
Ah, the rap music in the 90s. This was probably the best era in the rap music. People actually tried to make rap and hip-hop sound different and interesting. Everybody had their own flavor and were making big bucks out of the movement. In the 2000s, things got shitty.
I tried to explain the concept behind Das EFX, but sounded more like a rambling fool.
“Yeah, there are these rappers that rap fast and talk about pop culture in their rhymes. And, they're always shown rapping in the sewers in their videos.”
“Like the Ninja Turtles?”
“Yes, exactly like the Turtles.”
So, yeah Das EFX is like the TMNT.
I always liked this group. Here's the remix and another song.

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